Asset Management Software for Groceries and Supermarkets

Supermarkets and grocery locations present unique challenges to facility managers. From reducing inventory spoilage to tracking refrigerant usage, facility maintenance is critical to maintaining the quality that consumers demand.

CBRE ServiceInsight helps with easy-to-use solutions that can be implemented quickly to improve your operations.

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Benefits of Our Inventory Management Solutions for Supermarkets

  • Provide a customer and employee experience
  • Improve productivity by easily tracking all components associated with your equipment and easily manage equipment by adding, moving, and retiring as necessary
  • Assign work to approved vendors and maintain parts and supply agreements to ensure the most efficient rates on parts and labor
  • Electronically monitor and react to refrigeration alarms based on your predefined business rules
  • Effectively manage refrigerant by monitoring usage, leaks, and repairs
  • Automatically escalate high priority alarms and queue non-urgent alarms into routine service or preventive maintenance tasks
  • Enhance decision-making, planning and budgeting with our reporting and analytic solutions