Facility Software for Retail and Restaurants

The landscape for consumer-driven businesses, such as retail and restaurants, is changing significantly. Customers have fresh expectations of how they connect with the space around them and businesses recognize that they need to maintain their locations at the highest standard.

The success of their operations is highly dependent on maintaining a quality brand and high performing assets. CBRE ServiceInsight delivers for our retail and restaurant clients, offering a solution that connects with customers, is easy to use, and maintains your high customer satisfaction.

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Benefits of Our Facility Management Solutions for Restaurants and Retail Outlets

  • Provide a customer and employee experience
  • Extend asset lifetimes and prevent failure of key equipment, from POS machines and HVAC units to elevators
  • Reduce operational expenses and maintenance costs
  • Heighten efficiency by tracking and evaluating vendor/supplier performance and costs
  • Improve demand and preventive work order efficiency for maintaining equipment and environmental features including signs, windows, exterior finish, and general housekeeping
  • Manage costs and space utilization better with as-needed inventory tracking and control
  • Enhance decision-making, planning and budgeting with our reporting and analytic solutions