ServiceInsight v8 is Coming!

We suppose this is a bit of a teaser, but our team is really excited about the work that’s being done on our v8 release of ServiceInsight. v8 promises a big step forward in user experience and the new apps will start to be available at the start of 2019.

Check out our hype video  that highlights the user interface enhancements.

There’s certainly more than a few things to get excited about. First, the user interface (UI) is modernized. A fresh look and feel that is also more intuitive will give ServiceInsight users an even better experience. Long revered for comprehensive functionality, ServiceInsight’s sleek new look combines rich features with a great user experience.

Next, these enhancements are not just about an attractive look, our enhancements are making the software even easier to use. We are eliminating clicks where they can be streamlined, improving menu organization, and many other design improvements that will leapfrog our competition.

Look out for the first ServiceInsight v8 app to be release, our SI Request app, in Q1 2019!