3 Best Practices for Workplace Analytics

We were recently discussing workplace facility analytics with a Fortune 1000 company. The conversation was very forward-thinking, and yet, our conversation followed an unoriginal path.  Our conversation and connection was centered, with great energy, on the company’s desire for next generation workplace analytics. They had read the articles, attended the seminars, and were ready to jump in the deep end of the workplace technologies pool.

For a team that’s passionate about helping organizations take advantage of the innovations now available for occupiers, we love these conversations. However, we also know that some basic swimming lessons can really help the cause. So, let’s talk fundamentals and how great analytics are produced.

  1. Our guidance is a bit unique on this first point. For leadership that wants analytics, give them analytics. But start narrow, and then set expectations that deep, wide analytics requires strong source systems and a smart data integration model. Providing leadership with a quick win gives them a taste of what they want, but tempered with context for what’s required to elevate to best-in-class.
  2. In support of point #1, start narrow, then add breadth. What is narrow? Narrow is a single source system, such as the CMMS system. But go deep. Providing leadership with analytics prompts more questions. If you don’t have a data model that has depth, it leaves the audience with more questions than answers. Once you nail the analytics for one source system, you are ready to add breadth by adding other systems, such as building automation solutions.
  3. You must have solutions to which you have access to the data. If you have point solutions in the cloud that offer only limited access to your data, your data model will suffer. The depth of your analytics will be underwhelming and you will offer leadership more questions than answers when you roll out your analytics solution.

With these best practices in mind, your analytics platform can provide leadership with keen insights to optimize your workplace.