2018 Facility Fusion

Is your facility team helping improve employee engagement?

We had the opportunity to participate in IFMA Facility Fusion 2018 this week, which was an outstanding event. Almost every time, the most significant benefit in participating in an event like Facility Fusion 2018 is in the chance to mentally step away from daily operations. The opportunity to gain perspective and to assess priorities. Are we focused on the right things to help our business succeed in 2018? Are we seeing the big picture?

If you did not attend Facility Fusion 2018, you have probably read a “top trends in 2018” article or two to see where your team stands compared to your peers. While there are many exciting ways in which technology is transforming facility management, no trend is more impactful to the business than our role in improving employee engagement.

We are all competing for talented people. And the data is clear, organizations with high employee engagement win out in attracting and retaining the most talented employees.

So, what is facility management’s role in improving employee engagement? In answering this question, let’s keep this about 2018. Not pie in the sky, but near-term take-aways. In 2018, focus on the fundamentals because the bar has been raised on these. Ensure your team is delivering a great employee experience every day in three basic ways.

  1. Easy – An employee service request should take them less than 15 seconds. And no phone calls please. Employees want to request service at any time from any location. If not… it’s not easy enough.
  2. Responsive – No surprise here, talented teams expect facility requests to be addressed with speed, transparency, and competence.
  3. Listening and Improve – We’re talking immediate feedback, not an annual facility survey. Get real-time feedback and benchmark performance so you can identify opportunities for improvement.

Facility management’s role in creating a great employee workplace experience can be very holistic, from workspace design to assisting concierge services… but first make sure your facility team is great at employee engagement fundamentals in 2018!