3 Best Practices for Workplace Analytics

We were recently discussing workplace facility analytics with a Fortune 1000 company. The conversation was very forward-thinking, and yet, our conversation followed an unoriginal path.  Our conversation and connection was centered, with great energy, on the company’s desire for next generation workplace analytics. They had read the articles, attended the seminars, and were ready to jump in the deep end of the workplace technologies pool.

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3 Dimensions to Rate Your Facility Organization’s Readiness for Digital Transformation

As our ServiceInsight team heads to Realcomm | IBcon 2018 in June, where great technology leaders in real estate convene to share the latest insights and opportunities, it’s an occasion for facility directors and managers to self-assess. We should all periodically self-assess how technology is impacting our operations, and no better time than around Realcomm | IBcon when we learn what the innovators in our space are up to.

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2018 Facility Fusion

Is your facility team helping improve employee engagement?

We had the opportunity to participate in IFMA Facility Fusion 2018 this week, which was an outstanding event. Almost every time, the most significant benefit in participating in an event like Facility Fusion 2018 is in the chance to mentally step away from daily operations. The opportunity to gain perspective and to assess priorities. Are we focused on the right things to help our business succeed in 2018? Are we seeing the big picture? Continue reading “2018 Facility Fusion”