Are your Facility Management and Accounting teams spending too much time managing invoices and payments for the third party vendors that provide services for your facilities?  Is your process managed through email and phone calls… or even snail mail and fax? If so, you have a great opportunity to digitize the end-to-end invoicing process for your facilities.

ServiceInsight’s e-Invoicing streamlines business relationships by digitizing the end-to-end invoicing process.  Replacing offline, often manual processes, e-Invoicing is more efficient, more accurate, and provides a better audit trail than traditional invoicing. It’s a win for you as well as your vendors!

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Benefits of e-Invoicing

  • Improve process efficiency by incorporating invoicing into the core work order process 
  • Reduce invoice cycle time by eliminating offline processes and providing vendor self-service capabilities 
  • Minimize errors by pulling invoicing data directly from ServiceInsight work order data 
  • Enhance vendor satisfaction through automation, efficiency, and self-sufficiency