3 Dimensions to Rate Your Facility Organization’s Readiness for Digital Transformation

As our ServiceInsight team heads to Realcomm | IBcon 2018 in June, where great technology leaders in real estate convene to share the latest insights and opportunities, it’s an occasion for facility directors and managers to self-assess. We should all periodically self-assess how technology is impacting our operations, and no better time than around Realcomm | IBcon when we learn what the innovators in our space are up to.

Corporate Real Estate is in the midst of The Age of Acceleration, the theme of Realcomm | IBcon in 2018. CBRE CEO Bob Sulentic, the opening keynote speaker, will talk about navigating global CRE technology and innovation and how to be open to transformative change.

To help gauge the readiness of your facility operations for digital transformation, consider the three following areas:

  • People (Your Facility Team) – Use the Skill and Will model. Where do the members of your team reside in terms of ability/aptitude and desire to excel in an environment where the application of technology accelerates?
  • Properties – Are your physical buildings able to be adapted to smart technologies? Or how much modification would be necessary to transform your buildings?
  • Equipment – Technology can help asset maintenance become more predictive (driving down costs) – can your assets take advantage?

Every facility operation should figure out the pace of technology change that is right for them. In their recent Harvard Business Review article, Thomas H. Davenport and George Westerman provide lessons learned to help properly calibrate digital transformation. Read the article here https://hbr.org/2018/03/why-so-many-high-profile-digital-transformations-fail.

Determine your facility operation’s readiness, the pace of transformation that’s right for you, and be open to transformative change. With strong leadership, the impact really will be transformative.